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Love them or loathe them, no one wants mice or rats in their home or business. Carriers of diseases, destroyers of property and chewers of wires rodents can be a serious problem if left unchecked. BPC Pest Control in Hornchurch, Essex provide effective and low cost treatments and preventative measures for your rodent problem – domestic or commercial. We work closely with many commercial clients including restaurants, letting agents, estate agents and private landlords. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We’re also here to help with foxes, wasps, bed bugs and cockroaches.
house mouse

House mouse – characteristics 

• Approximately 15g in weight
• 60-90mm in length
• Brown-grey in colour
• Tail accounts for 4/5 of their entire length
• Spindle shaped droppings approximately 3-7mm in length

Life cycle

Mice have a life span of 9-12 months and can produce up to 8 litters of 5-6 mice per year. 


Nests are typically made within stored materials such as linens, papers, and clothes or within enclosed, safe spaces like cavity walls, lofts and cellars. Typical signs of a mouse infestation can include:

• Scratching noises
• Droppings
• Strong ammonia smells

Rats, brown and black – characteristics 

• Adults can weigh up to 225-340g
• Up to 25cms in length with a similar tail length
• Smaller ears than a mouse – more in proportion to their bodies
• Cylindrical droppings of 15-20mm in length

Life cycle

Brown rats, the most common species in the UK, live for 9 -18 months. They produce around 5 litters per year, each with between 7-10 young in each litter.


Rats live in both city and rural areas and they are good climbers and swimmers. Run tracks can be found 5-10 cms wide along well used garden routes. Holes can be 10 cms in diameter and often found in relatively undisturbed areas near to food. Typical signs of a rat infestation include:
• Droppings 
• Scratching noises
• Rub marks against walls or skirting boards
• Rat holes
• Footprints

Feeding habits

Mice will nibble. They prefer cereals and can consume 3 grams per day. Mice can also survive with very little water (unlike rats) and often obtain sufficient water in food without the need to drink. Rats will tear open all types of food packaging to find food.

Rodent extermination & control methods

For effective rodent extermination, both mice and rats, bait will be placed into the areas where they have been physically seen or evidence of their presence exists. Depending on the area we have a variety of baits and methods of laying them (including locked bait stations for properties where there are children and other animals present).


To prevent mice or rats being attracted to your property ensure that there are no food scraps or open food packets left lying around in the kitchen. Any potential access points including holes under doors and in skirting boards will also need to be blocked to prevent access.
small rat
Any use of pesticides is strictly monitored by our fully trained and accredited technicians.
Black cockroach


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