There are two main types of ant found in the UK. The common black ant and the pharaoh ant. BPC Pest Control based in Essex offer ant extermination and control and can prevent re-infestation. We can help you with other internal pests such as mice and rats and wasps and pests in your garden such as foxes and pigeons. Domestic and commercial clients are both welcome and we offer convenient regular service contracts to letting agents, landlords, retail and commercial food outlets. Contact us for further details. 

The common black ant or black garden ant

The common black ant or black garden ant is either dark brown or black in colour and 3.5-5mm in size. As its name suggests, it’s the most common type of ant seen in the UK. During winter the queen ant will survive in the soil while the rest of the ant colony dies.

The ants will lay their eggs in the spring, hatching in late summer, often near and sometimes in houses. Black ants are omnivorous and have a taste for sugary substances, normally making a nuisance in the kitchen.

Pharaoh ants

Pharaoh ants are distinguished from common ants as they are red in colour and approximately 2mm in size. They require uniformly warm and humid conditions for successful development, therefore allowing them to reproduce at any time of the year. They may be winged but will not fly.
black ants
Any use of insecticides and chemicals is strictly monitored by our fully trained and accredited technicians.

Ant extermination & control methods

Treatment for ants will vary by type. For the common black (garden) ant, a wet spray is used in the area where the ants are seen. As a wet spray it can seep into hard to reach areas. The spray is a contact insecticide which will kill ants on contact once the spray dries to a film. With pharaoh ants the treatment is to place bait stations along their route. The bait will be taken back to the nest by the ants.


In order to prevent attracting ants, ensure that no food items (in particular sweet items) are left lying around.
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